Sauny Fińskie Romak

We are a family company , existing on the market since 1998. From the very beginning we enjoy high popularity and reputation among customers. Our achievements is an excellent opinion on the market and hundreds of satisfied customers with high-quality saunas.

Our response to the needs of our customers are safe , innovative products that are produced according to the latest technology – but always with a view to satisfaction and affordability for the customer. We will come up to your expectations , we will design appropriate to the FIT sauna room , we always provide advice and consultancy correctly. We are interested in working with individual clients , designers , contractors and all public institutions .

The high quality of our services may indicate that give a 3-year warranty on the cabin sauna and stove.

Excellent quality of our services results from the best raw materials used for production. To build sauna use include spruce without knots , Scandinavian spruce , alder , fir Canadian cedar and exotic trees and Abachi.To which is the heart of the sauna , then bake . In our saunas use stoves companies HARVIA Oy and Tylo . These are the leading manufacturers of stoves for saunas with years of experience , renowned for excellent feedback.

By introducing the latest solutions and the production of the individual order , we try to meet the demands and expectations of our customers. Several years of experience in the production ensures the satisfaction of saunas manufactured by our company .


We provide our services in the whole country. Have questions?